The top 5 BBW dating websites || looking for love

If it hasn’t happened to you then maybe to someone you know who joined one of those free online dating websites: When you finally meet someone face-to-face you’ve been emailing or chatting with, they don’t look anything like their online photo. They might be older, grayer, bigger, or less attractive. Which is probably a good reason to join free online dating websites whose members are more forthcoming about who they are, secure in what they look like, and proud to show it rather than hiding behind a dated photograph.


Finding Plus-Size Companions

Discrimination doesn’t know gender when it comes to dating and large men can have as much difficulty finding companionship as plus-size women in our society. Remember, you want to generate responses to your profile as much as you are interested in responding to others. By utilizing dating sites for plus-size people, you might avoid judgment you could encounter on other matchmaking platforms.


What Women Want

For example, a man seeking honest responses from women on Yahoo Answers about whether they have any qualms dating big men, got this response from one woman: “I think it is natural for people to want to date someone buff or sexy. However, that is the shallow part of people.”
Another woman wrote an excruciatingly honest letter to seeking “help” because she was attracted to a fat man.
“I fear being a selfish lover, because I don’t fantasize pleasing him the way I would ordinarily with a slimmer man. I’m intimidated, daunted and generally unprepared for certain activities,” she writes. “I don’t know what to do. It’s a turnoff. And worst of all, part of the reason it’s a turnoff is that I see myself with a head-turner when the lights are on.”
To minimize the risk of rejection and avoid the prejudice some potential partners might have against plus-size people, we recommend these free online dating websites that cater to big men and plus-size women:


Meeting BBW calls itself the “most active online dating site for big and beautiful singles” in the United States. Its members include single, big and beautiful women (BBW), their admirers’ and plus-sized men. Memembers might be looking for opposite- or same-sex relationships. The site connects like-minded people within a localized area and urges them to “Enjoy a comfortable and accepting environment to seek out other big, beautiful singles for love, relationships, friendship and dates.”



This is another popular dating site that singles can use for free. provides access to a number of dating tools for meeting other singles. Members can upload photos and read blogs; plus there is a message board for discussions about dating, including tips and other information.


Chubby Fishing

Part of the People Fishing Network, is specifically meant for the big and plus-size community and can be a fun, effective way to meet new people. A Chubby Fishing membership gives users access not only to other large singles looking for love, but is also a portal to 19 other dating communities for those who want to include searches for pet lovers, Jewish people, African-Americans and Hispanics, gay, lesbian, bisexual partners and others.


Free Fat Dating

This is site for big, beautiful women (BBWs) or big, handsome men (BHMs) that hopes to make the dating scene less stressful for large people by connecting them with others who might not have the highest confidence level when seeking love and companionship. “If you already had your heart broken too many times due to your weight issues and you have given up on conventional dating or love, it is time to give yourself a chance,” tells new members. It connects people living in the same area.


Black BBW Dating

If you’re interested in connecting with someone halfway across the globe as much as you are in meeting someone who might live down the street, may be the choice for you. The site promises members they will be in the company of BBWs and BHMs from the entire world and it makes it easy to stay in touch through personal messaging features: instant messenger, extended search, personal messages and chat. The site also features a local search feature so you may specifically search for singles in your area.


The Two Best Weapons in Weight Loss

The Two Best Weapons in Weight Loss


I struggle with what to call myself in my career. Personal Trainer leaves out the work I do in seminars and with pro athletes. Personal Trainer is the first thing people think of when they want to lose weight. The distinction also doesn't indicate that I have a degree in Kinesology. End of the day, who cares when I help people transform their bodies right?
Well what ever I call myself. One thing is very apparent to me: people like to hear about weight loss. Not sure about the "doing" part yet.
Going forward I think my question to people wanting weight loss is going to be "how did you sleep?" I can't believe how many people leave sleep out of the weight loss equation. Now more than ever we should be getting the best, deepest, most restful sleep imaginable. We have sleep science out there to get us the perfect bed to match our body.
I am based out of Winnipeg, so I looked around locally for a store where I could have my body and pressure points analyzed. I went to Dufrense Furniture, and had a sleep expert explain the whole process to me. I was hooked when they talked to me about hormones, chronic sleep deprivation, and exercise recovery. Their new product roll out is called "The Dream Experience", and that's what people in this nation miss. You have to leave time in your day to sleep, and get into deep sleep.
Sleep resets your Leptin and Grhelin meaning it is one of the most potent hunger controls out there. You have to get into your deep sleep cycles to experience the full effect of that reset of hormones. That's why it is key to make sure your bedroom is designed to be a positive sleep environment, including the mattress you sleep on. Once you start getting a good nights rest, you will wonder how you ever functioned without it. Your body will thank you, and so will your waist line.
Now that you are sleeping better, what's the other best weapon? Well a mattress is to sleep what a food scale is to nutrition.
Serving size is the most misunderstood part of nutrition. You will gain weight eating too much. That includes too much health food.
In Winnipeg, myself and my partners in One Fit City have begun to go into people's homes as part of our total program. We teach them how to cook, measure, and keep food fun. We also talk about what goes into the cabinets and cupboards.

Once people see, and understand what a serving size is, weight loss becomes easier. If you don't have to fight and burn off all the extra calories, you see results much faster. It all starts with good choices for the morning. Breakfast starts the day by leveling blood sugar, adding protein, and fueling your day.
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There is not easy way to weight loss, but there are smart paths. Get to know serving sizes of your favourite food and measure them out. Once you see what you

Online BBW Dating - The best place in the world for meeting Plus-Size friends and singles, BBW/BHM/FA.


Official Herpes Dating site Review

#1 Herpes Dating site

Positive Singles is a fantastic site for single people who live with Herpes, HPV, HIV or AIDS and are looking for love, friendship or companionship. Positive Singles provides all users with the best chance to meet up with other individuals who live with similar problems in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory environment where everyone involved can be comfortable to be themselves. We were extremely impressed by the way in which this site manages to cultivate a real community of online STD...

  • Standard Membership
    • Free
  • Gold Membership, provides you with access to the full range of features, and has the following subscription options:
    • 1 Month - $29.95 ($15.95/month)
    • 3 Month - $59.95 ($19.95/month)
    • 6 Month - $99.95

  • The largest, completely anonymous dating site for STD singles and friends in the world. 
  • Discrimination-free dating for singles with Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS.
  • A warm-hearted and exclusive community where you can met new friends, partners or potential spouses.
  • Learn about STD medical information and treatments, help and advice.
  • Registration is swift, simple, secure and most importantly, completely free of charge!
  • Read success stories from more than 300 couples who have found what they were looking for on Positive Singles.
  • Search profiles posted on the site using the great simple-search function.
  • Send winks and flirts to other users to let them know that you're interested.
  • Read and reply to emails sent using the internal mail system, available to all users of Positive Singles.
  • User Forums - post messages on forums on a variety of topics and read the messages left by other Positive Singles users.
  • Create blogs hosted by Positive Singles to get to know others a little better and get involved in Internet-blogging, a fantastic new communication craze online.
  • Chat Live - Online live chat with other Positive Singles using the online live chat function.
  • Create a 'Friends Circle' to keep up to date with the goings on in the lives of your best friends on Positive Singles. 
  • Greetings Cards - Send greetings cards online to other users to say "Happy Birthday", "Get Well" or one of many other sentiments.
  • ID Verification Service - make sure that everyone you contact are who they say they are using Positive Singles ID Verification Service.
  • Check News - Daily STD news updates let you keep up to date with information, treatments and more from the STD community. 
  • View Member Videos - check out the amateur videos of other Positive Singles users.
  • Astrology - check what your horoscope has to say about your dating strategy and how compatible you are with other members of Positive Singles.
  • Relationship Calculator - work out how compatible you are with other users by getting a percentage score based on a series of relationship questions.
  • Dating advice and safety tips over more than 150 articles to help you when you're dating online!
  • Directory of STD care locations in the US to help you find a better way to manage your illness.
  • "Ask an STD Counselor" - Live counselor service so that you can ask questions about anything and everything and get support when you need it.
  • Cycle of 'Featured Members' allowing every Gold user to appear as the featured user for the day.
  • Pay for Gold membership through check card, credit card of paypal.
  • Excellent online FAQs and Support.


Q/A For A BBW model

Q: Do you consider yourself confident? How did you become confident or were you always?

A: At this day and time I have never felt more confident; I am oozing in it and I feel absolutely fantastic after years of being bigger and being told, “You have such a pretty face, if only you were 10 stone lighter you would be stunning!” I cant tell you how many times I have heard this from men and women, which makes me so angry. I am me, and I am stunning whether I am a size 10 or 24. I have learned that people put you down because their lives are not great, so they pick on bigger people. I have had men and women call me a fat hippo on the street. I have had silly men in cars rolling down their windows shouting obscenities at me. I have had many disapproving looks from people. Why? Because I am a size 24? It’s not right and that’s what made me unconfident – feeling deflated and unattractive because people are harsh, judgmental and hypocritical, and in today’s society you have to be skinny to be popular. But I have learned to build up my confidence by smiling at negative people or walking by them because this makes them feel small. I am not retaliating – I don’t have to because I have thousands of men, young and old (some really good looking ones) telling me I am beautiful, stunning and sexy and that they wish they had a girl like me. Men and my female friends are looking at and admiring my beautiful body, flaws and all. Also, my partner tells me every day that I am stunning and beautiful, which makes me smile, so I think my confidence has risen from 10 percent to 100 percent in a matter of months. I love being me and I think I am a BBW who is proud and glad I was given a chance to be part of this group!

Online BBW Dating - The best place in the world for meeting Plus-Size friends and singles, BBW/BHM/FA.
Online BBW Dating - The best place in the world for meeting Plus-Size friends and singles, BBW/BHM/FA.


Ms. Iona Starr: Q&A With BBW Beauty

Q: Do you think weight/fat acceptance will continue positively or do you think all this plus size media will fade out?
A: I think weight/fat acceptance is going to be massive in the future. Plus-size media is great in telling the stories of beautiful, bigger women, while disputing the false ideas that we’re just fat or lazy, and showing that we’re actually members of society – we have daily jobs and families. I think in the future plus size-models and BBWs will be accepted and be able to live their lives without the constant abuse or negativity that is perceived at this moment in time.
Courtesy of Ms. Iona Starr
Courtesy of Ms. Iona Starr
Q: How do you think technology plays into weight acceptance?
A: To be honest I think technology is such a positive thing. Bigger women can shop online for clothes without feeling awkward or unwelcome by retailers. You can also chat and get to know other BBWs from chat rooms and forums that are in the same line of work and can help for tips and ideas. Also, your fans come from all different countries, so it’s great that the Internet helps this. Bloggers are writing fantastic articles on BBWs, to show how they feel and what they want. Not to mention that women are complementing you, asking for your advice, etc. If we didn’t have technology, this wouldn’t be the case for many BBWs out there.

I want to thank Iona for her insight into the BBW world. Though she’s faced the trials of being plus-size, this Scottish babe is one of the most confident ladies I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. She loves every part of her big, beautiful body, and doesn’t care who has a problem with it. If you look back to what things were like a mere five years ago, there was barely any word of plus-size supermodels, and the BBW community was totally tucked within cyber shadows. But as Iona said at the end of the interview, “BBWs are great at making you feel like you’re part of a group of friends and that you’re not an outcast due to being bigger.” So who knows? Maybe in another five years time, we’ll see more BBWs like Iona coming out to the surface, sharing their stories, showcasing their stretch marks and serving as “roll” models for any plus-size gals out there.

Online BBW Dating - The best place in the world for meeting Plus-Size friends and singles, BBW/BHM/FA.
Online BBW Dating - The best place in the world for meeting Plus-Size friends and singles, BBW/BHM/FA.


Why pround to be FAT?

Q: What do you think could be some reasons as to why women in their 20s and coming out and starting plus-size blogs, modeling, BBW modeling or why designers are now choosing to make bigger clothes?

A: I think the reasons more women are coming out now are all the multi-girl sites out there looking for beautiful BBWs, along with the money and compliments that being a BBW bring. Knowing that you are desired, and knowing you won’t feel left out or judged by being part of this group is so encouraging. Being a BBW model is not that easy; you have to put in effort and work into trying to reach the top, as you’re competing with other BBWs who are gorgeous or been in the industry a long time, so you need something that sets you apart from the others. Obviously my niche comes from being a Scottish BBW!
I think designers need to keep up with BBW modeling by making bigger clothes as my personal opinion is that there aren’t too many retailers out there doing this, and I think bigger clothes are often more expensive. We are all people, and should be paying the same for any type of clothing, without judgment for being bigger. I think more retailers need to embrace the BBW world as this could help BBW women when they’re out shopping not to feel as though they’re left out, as we mainly shop online due to retailers not stocking bigger clothes.

Online BBW Dating - The best place in the world for meeting Plus-Size friends and singles, BBW/BHM/FA.
Online BBW Dating - The best place in the world for meeting Plus-Size friends and singles, BBW/BHM/FA.


Ms. Iona Starr: Q&A With BBW Beauty

 Q&A With BBW Beauty

Q: When did your career as a BBW start and why did you pursue it?
A: I am new to the BBW modeling scene. I started in September 2012 and I love being accepted for who I am and actually seeing men wanting a girl like me. I pursued it after watching the documentary on Channel 4 called My Big Fat Fetish. I thought Reenaye Starr and Sailor Rose were inspirational, stunning and amazing, so I asked my boyfriend if he thought I would be a great BBW model he said I was stunning. He took a few pictures and I sent them to Reenaye at VaVaVoom and she accepted me as one of her girls. So I am now the Scottish BBW model!

Q: Do you think GenY is more plus-size friendly or that plus-size women are generally more confident than they were five or ten years ago?
A: Yes, I think GenY is really friendly and great regarding plus-size models. I think plus-size modeling has come a long way from 5-10 years ago; there are lots of amazing BBWs out there now making a career out of being big and beautiful. In regards to men, initially I thought it was mostly older men who liked BBWs, but I was wrong in assuming this as there are men from every age group [including GenY], culture and background embracing the BBW world, making women feel beautiful and wanting to be part of their community. This makes the BBW models happy and very confident in today’s world.

Online BBW Dating - The best place in the world for meeting Plus-Size friends and singles, BBW/BHM/FA.
Online BBW Dating - The best place in the world for meeting Plus-Size friends and singles, BBW/BHM/FA.